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Truth About Food

honest, raw truth about the food we eat

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Truth About Food: honest, raw truth about the food we eat

TRUTHABOUTFOOD isn’t a pleasant reality. But it’s a reality people need to become aware of. Ignorance is not bliss when it’s something as important as the fuel to your very existence. It’s time people get their heads out of the ground and face the truth of what it is that we put in our bodies. This is as honest and raw as the truth is going to get about what we eat. Some of what will be said may be hard to “swallow,” but some will be just pure fun, recipes, healthy cooking, advice, support, recommendations and reviews. The site is intended for eaters of all kinds alike. The only qualification you need is a desire for the truth, and the will to change.

Please read THIS ENTRY before you decide to, or not to join the community.

-Posts are currently moderated but public view. Only posts that the moderator finds relevant to the purpose of this community will be approved for posting.

-Comments are welcome, but keep in mind that anything rude, off topic or completely out of line will be deleted and the poster may be banned.

-Please DO feel free to ask for advice, make recommendations, share your own experience or knowledge.

-Keep in mind that this community is more so for the purpose of being informative than for being a discussion community. Discussion is not discouraged, however posts made that are lacking an informative topic will not be approved for posting.