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Dear Potential Member:
maidenend wrote in truthaboutfood
Over the past couple years as an obsessive food addict of sorts, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the area of nutrition and food in general. With the ever-growing food pandemic in America, I think it’s important to share this knowledge. I want you to take the facts and use them to the best of your ability to better your lifestyle.

I do not personally believe that there is any “one” right way to eat. Diets in the sense of the word that it is used in this country are plans for failure. The idea isn’t to change your eating until you reach your goal… the idea is to change your eating, your awareness of food and your lifestyle, for life.

And whatever that may mean to you may be different than the way I mean it for us; the American culture. But something has to change. The obesity rate continues to climb in adults and children in this country, and something desperately needs to change. Start with yourself and then continue to spread the knowledge.

Some of the facts, you might not want to hear. Some of the facts, you’d rather play the ostrich and stick your head in the ground. But it’s time enable yourself to make an informed decision about what you eat. This is REAL. This is a HUGE problem. And it’s time to buck up and do something about it.

Get on board and fuel your motivation with knowledge. The more you know, the better you will eat.

This is not just about loosing weight. This is about having healthier, long lives for ourselves, our children, the future and the world.

*If any of what I just said had any meaning to you… I’d like you to do yourself a favor and join the community. Observe the facts and let the knowledge sink in. Start to act on this knowledge by changing the way you eat and view food. When you go grocery shopping, consider what you’re buying in a different way. Be part of the change that this country truly needs and then have fun with it. Try out different recipes, experiment with new (healthy) foods, get involved and make a difference.

*And if you choose not to join… that’s your choice. But remember, if you ever change your mind and want to change your life with the knowledge of the truth about food, just look up the name. If we’re not here, we’ll be somewhere… because this is the beginning of a revolution that isn’t going anywhere.
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