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The Truth About Fast Food
maidenend wrote in truthaboutfood
“Fast Food” is probably the biggest downfall to American society. What started out as a slow paced “treat” in America decades ago has turned into an epidemic with disastrous outcomes. In recent years, the awareness of fast food and the health problems it causes has grown tremendously. Out of convenience however, the industry still thrives in this country. Americans don’t think about the facts of what “Fast Food” really is when they line up at the drive through for a quick meal. Well… here’s the truth about fast food:

Fast food is loaded with refined sugar, saturated and hydrogenated fats which are among the leading causes of high blood cholesterol. The sodium content in fast food is astronomical because it is used, among other additives to preserve the foods. High sodium intake is among the leading causes of high blood pressure. Both high blood pressure and high cholesterol can lead to heart attack, stroke and in severe cases, heart failure.

While the food is “tasty,” filling and “affordable”... it’s high in the things we should be getting the least amount of intake from and virtually completely lacking in vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to function properly. All these empty calories that fill us up, give nothing back to keep us going or to fight off viruses and disease. Instead, the food slows us down by storing itself in our body through fat and inevitably causes weight gain and in many cases obesity.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough… scientific studies have been done showing proof that these ingredients being put in our foods are having a terribly disturbing reaction in our bodies. All the fats, sugars and additives are affecting our hormones in a way that makes our bodies physically crave more. So as you continuously consume these foods, you’re slowly working yourself into an addiction to them, despite knowing or not knowing how bad it is for you. At this point, giving up the food can be extremely difficult and unbearable both physically and psychologically.

Fast food companies are just that; companies/businesses. Their main objective is profit. Don’t expect them to be concerned too much about the possible addictive reaction your body has to their food. Somehow the companies have managed to find a way to make every single thing on their menu unhealthy in some way. Even a McDonalds Garden Salad has 5 grams of sugar and 140 milligrams of cholesterol (that’s ridiculously high.)

Stay clear of fast food restaurants. Even if you think you’re getting something healthy, chances are, you’re not. The “convenience” isn’t worth your health.


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